PharmCAS Early Decision Program

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PharmCAS Early Decision Program

Key Dates for Summer 2021 Enrollment

We are pleased to announce...

For students planning to start pharmacy school in 2021, CCP will begin offering a single three-year, year-round curriculum that begins in June of that year, with an eventual May graduation date. This new curriculum will continue to provide the high quality pharmacy and experiential education that Midwestern University is long known for, in an efficient timeframe for the benefit of our students. Curriculum details to come.

PharmCAS is the centralized application service for nearly all pharmacy schools. If you are currently attending college and already know that you would like to pursue your Pharm.D. degree at Midwestern University's Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) beginning in Summer 2021, then this application program may be ideal for you.

  • It is a binding option that allows you to seek an early decision about your acceptance to CCP.

  • If you are interested, it requires that you apply only to CCP, and do so by September 8, 2020.

  • It also requires that if accepted, you will enjoy the benefit of being finished with the pharmacy school application process, and you will enroll in CCP with the next class of pharmacy students in the Summer of 2021. (All pharmacy schools begin in the summer or fall; there are no mid-year enrollments.)

Key Dates

To take advantage of this program, it is advised that you plan ahead. To help you, here are the key dates in this process for Fall 2021 enrollment into Midwestern University:

mid April – late June, 2020*

PCAT registration for July testing window, if you have not yet taken this exam. Register online at

mid July, 2020*

PCAT - July testing window

July & August 2020

Work on completing your PharmCAS application. This includes:

  • Reaching out to appropriate people who know you well and who may write letters of recommendation as part of your application. Two letters are required, preferably by the following:

1.  College professor who has taught you, or your pre-health advisor

2.  Pharmacist or healthcare professional

  • Writing your personal statement

The PharmCAS application for Summer 2021 enrollment will open by early July 2020, and it is available at:

You will also need to:

  • Contact your undergraduate institution(s) to get your official transcripts forwarded to PharmCAS
  • Take the PCAT exam (if needed; see above)

September 8, 2020

Completed application is DUE, which must include all of the following:

1.  PharmCAS application

2.  Letters of recommendation

3.  All official transcripts

4.  PCAT scores

5.  Application fee

If the deadline is missed for any of these items, then PharmCAS will automatically change your file to “regular” status, and you may participate in the traditional application process.

September & October 2020

Applications are reviewed. Competitive candidates will be invited to participate in on-campus interviews during this time.

October 23, 2020

By this date, you will be offered one of these:

Early Accepted Admission

    • You must accept this offer of admission
    • You may not apply to other PharmCAS institutions
    • You save time and money from applying to additional schools and traveling for interviews.

Denied Admission

    • You may apply to other PharmCAS institutions for additional fees.

Deferred to “regular” application status

    • You may be offered admission to CCP at a future date.
    • You may apply to other PharmCAS institutions for additional fees.

* Specific dates to be announced.

Early Decision Program FAQs

What if I take the PCAT in July, but I do not achieve a strong composite score. Should I still submit the rest of my application in time for the Early Decision deadline?
The short answer is yes. Our Admissions Committee comprised of pharmacy faculty reviews each candidate holistically. That is, they look at many aspects of an application to judge how successful they believe each candidate will be for the rigors of our pharmacy curriculum. If they see other strengths that they feel outweigh the occurrence of a less-than-ideal PCAT score, then they may grant you full acceptance into our program.

If they feel that your PCAT score is not strong enough, then they may notify you of a "deferral" by October 23, 2020, and specifically advise that you re-take the PCAT (on this date, you can register for the January testing window). Once the new score is received in February, they will automatically re-review your file, and notify you of a new decision.

What if my cumulative or science courses GPA is below 2.5?
You may still participate in the Early Decision Program. If there are other parts of your application where you show strength and ability to succeed in pharmacy, then our Admissions Committee will take that into consideration. While they prefer cumulative and science courses GPAs higher than 2.5, it is not a requirement. If there is a point in time where your academic performance was affected by an extenuating circumstance, you may address this in your personal statement within the application.

Is it preferable to have all of my prerequisites completed before I apply via the Early Decision Program?
No, you can apply and still be in the process of completing your prerequisites. If accepted, all pre-pharmacy coursework will need to be completed with a grade of C or better prior to enrollment in late August. After acceptance and as you continue to complete prerequisite coursework, you will need to update your file with your courses taken and final grades.

What if I am not able to get all of the items needed for the application before the posted due date?
The September due date is a firm deadline. If your application is missing any component(s), then PharmCAS will automatically change your application to "regular" status. And you may apply to Midwestern University traditionally.

After I receive a notice of Early Acceptance, can I apply to other pharmacy schools?
We understand that circumstances change. However, per the rules in the PharmCAS Early Decision Program, an offer of Early Acceptance is binding, and you have the advantage of enrolling at Midwestern University with the next class of pharmacy students in the following summer. The PharmCAS system will not permit additional applications in the Early Decision Program.

If you have additional questions about the PharmCAS Early Decision program, please contact Ms. Paula Giometti at

For additional details, please fill out our Request Information Form. Select our Illinois campus, then select "Chicago College of Pharmacy" and complete the remainder of the fields. Or email us at

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