A Statement on Midwestern University's Mission and Values

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June 03, 2020 | Midwestern University

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The events of the past week have reminded me of the importance of the Midwestern University mission and values, which honor and respect every member of our community equally.  We have historically embraced cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, gender, national origin, disability and veteran status diversity as the hallmark of our inclusive campus community. This is our common bond that unites us in our mission to educate the twenty-first century health care team to meet the needs of all members of our society.  

I wish to remind all of you of our values and practices as we work together as one unified community.  While we have worked endlessly to make our campus community safe during the COVID-19 crisis, we must also come together to dispel fear, distrust, and hate in all our surrounding communities. A healthy, professional academic campus community shares and respects the diversity of opinions and views; our uniting mission is one of educational excellence for all of our students as they learn the healing arts with true respect and understanding of everyone they encounter.  This belief can be traced to our institutional founders who encouraged women and minorities to study medicine in 1900, a practice that did not exist at that time. 

I have asked the Midwestern University Diversity and Inclusion Committee to consider new community and campus educational programs that will further strengthen our position of respect for every member of society.  I look forward to working with this committee to implement initiatives that can educate our faculty, staff, students, and our surrounding community, in the years to come.  

The injustices within our society have been deeply distressing to all of us, and the actions we witnessed last week are reprehensible. Midwestern University will continue to denounce racism and all forms of discrimination as we work together to promote communities that are safe, supportive and inclusive of all members.  We need to focus on the power of education that eliminates all forms of hatred, ignorance, and fear.  We have a mission to fulfill – that is one of love, respect, and trust of each and every one in our academic family and the community at large.

Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Midwestern University