Academic Extended Study Program

A student may be placed in the Extended Study Program (ESP) for academic reasons at the recommendation of the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee. A student placed in ESP for academic reasons is automatically placed on academic probation and may not be returned to good academic standing until all failures are retaken and passed. If a student is placed in ESP, such action does not modify or limit the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee’s recommendation for dismissal. Thus, the student may be dismissed for academic reasons while in ESP.

Students will be assessed tuition for any additional years of instruction while enrolled.

Non-Academic Extended Study Program

The purpose of this program is to provide additional time to address significant personal and academic issues by creating a program of study that allows students to complete the first two years of the curriculum in three years. Students must petition the Dean of CVM to become an ESP student no later than the completion of 50% of a quarter. Requests received after that time are reviewed by the Dean and granted only for reasons of substantiated hardship or medical emergencies.

Students will be assessed tuition for any additional years of instruction.

Academic and Non-Academic Extended Study Program

Per Midwestern University policy, the transcript will reflect the student's standing in all courses at the time the student enters ESP.