CPG assigns a faculty advisor to students in each entering class. Students are assigned a faculty advisor selected from the faculty of CPG. In addition to these faculty advisors, the CPG Dean, Assistant/Associate Dean and the Dean of Students, as well as other faculty members and professional staff, are also available to assist students with academic advising, counseling, and enrichment. 

Students are placed into groups upon entry into the College. Each group of students is assigned a faculty advisor who will mentor them throughout the program. Faculty advisors act as liaisons between the faculty and students. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Serve as the student's advisor and academic/professional counselor;
  2. Oversee and monitor the academic progress and professional growth of the student;
  3. Assist the student in seeking academic and personal counseling services provided by the institution;
  4. Serve as an advocate for the student; and
  5. Counsel the student during the individual's selection of a career within the pharmacy profession.