In the event of serious illness, personal emergency, personal incapacitation, or other exceptional problem of a serious nature that causes a student to be absent from a session requiring mandatory attendance or class, a student must notify one of the following: CPG's Office of the Dean, CPG department head, or course director. To be excused from a rotation, the student's preceptor and the Office of Experiential Education must be notified. Failure to notify the Office of Experiential Education will result in an unexcused absence and policies detailed in the Experiential Education Manual will apply. Assuming that there is a legitimate reason for a student's absence, the CPG's Office of the Dean will contact by e-mail or telephone the coordinators of courses in which the student will miss an examination, quiz, or graded assignment, or will send a letter to all appropriate course directors that confirms in writing that the student will be absent, the reason for the absence, the courses from which the student will be absent, and the date(s) of the student's absence. This will be done as soon as possible (within 24 hours) after the student has called in. It is the student's responsibility to contact the course director immediately upon the student's return for instructions regarding how the missed session can be made up. If a student fails to follow this procedure, the student is held responsible for the policies stated in course syllabi regarding unexcused absences. Unexcused absences may result in course failure.