Abbreviation/Number Course Name
IPECG 1401C Improving Patient Safety 1 See More
IPECG 1402C Improving Patient Safety 2 See More
IPECG 1403C Improving Patient Safety 3 See More
IPECG 1404C Leadership in Healthcare Teams See More
IPECG 1410C Safe Opioid Practices See More
IPECG 1420C Antibiotic Stewardship See More
ONEHG 1301C One Health Grand Rounds See More
PPRAG 1301/1302 Special Project/Research See More
PPRAG 1338 Pharmacy-Based Health Screenings See More
PPRAG 1339 History of Pharmacy in the United States See More
PPRAG 1346 Diabetes: A Patient's Perspective See More
PPRAG 1348 Personal Finance for the Healthcare Professional See More
PPRAG 1349 Medication Management in Hospice Patients See More
PPRAG 1411 Pharmacological Management of Chronic Pain See More
PPRAG 1415 Rare and Interesting Diseases See More
PPRAG 1418 Nuclear Pharmacy See More
PPRAG 1419 Topics in Women's Health See More
PPRAG 1420 Pharmacy Based Immunization Delivery See More
PPRAG 1421 Dental Health and the Pharmacist See More
PPRAG 1425 Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification in Pharmacy See More
PPRAG 1426 Putting Your Best Residency Foot Forward See More
PPRAG 1427 Postmenopausal Women’s Health See More
PPRAG 1428 Acute Care Cardiology See More
PPRAG 1430 Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition See More
PPRAG 1431 Book Club See More
PPRAG 1432 Advanced Communication with the Spanish Speaking Patient See More
PPRAG 1433 Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy See More
PPRAG 1434 Advanced Oncology Therapeutics See More
PPRAG 1435 Health Coaching for Pharmacy Students See More
PPRAG 1437 Informatics See More
PPRAG 1438 Managed Care See More
PPRAG 1439 Pediatric Pharmacotherapy See More
PPRAG 1440 Advanced Research Methods: Using Analytics in Healthcare Research See More
PPRAG 1441 Medication Therapy Management See More
PPRAG 1442 Advanced Geriatric Pharmacotherapy See More
PPRAG 1443 Veterinary Pharmacology See More
PPRAG 1444 Functional Medicine for the Pharmacist See More
PPRAG 1445 Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership See More
PPRAG 1446 Travel Medicine See More
PPRAG 1447 CPG Grand Rounds: Clinical Pearls See More
PPRAG 1448 Advanced Psychiatric Pharmacy See More
PSCIG 1301/1302 Special Project/Research See More
PSCIG 1323 Use and Abuse of Drugs See More
PSCIG 1356 Nanopharmaceuticals See More
PSCIG 1357 Introduction to Forensic Science for Healthcare Professionals See More
PSCIG 1358 Pharmacogenomics See More
PSCIG 1360 Introduction to Drug, Biologics and Medical Device Regulation See More
PSCIG 1361 Introduction to Toxicology See More
PSCIG 1362 Advanced Cardiovascular Pharmacology See More
PSCIG 1363 Introduction to Teaching and Learning See More
PSCIG 1364 Introduction to Teaching and Learning See More
VMED 1325C Zootoxins-One Health Perspectives See More


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