Glendale, AZ Campus Catalog / College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus / Core Course Descriptions (For Students Entering Summer 2021 and After)
Prerequisites are listed for those courses with such requirements. When no prerequisite is listed in a course description, it is implied that there is no prerequisite.
Abbreviation/Number Course Name
BIOCG 1551 Biochemistry See More
BIOCG 1552 Molecular Biology and Human Genetics See More
COREG 1560C, 1570C, 1580C Interprofessional Healthcare See More
MICRG 1513 Microbiology See More
MICRG 1553 Immunology See More
PHIDG 1501-1503, 1604-1609 Integrated Sequence 1-9 See More
PHYSG 1501 Human Physiology 1 See More
PHYSG 1502 Human Physiology 2 See More
PPRAG 1501-1504, 1605-1607, 1708 Clinical Skills Development 1-8 See More
PPRAG 1524 Pharmacy Law and Public Policy See More
PPRAG 1532 Foundations of Clinical Reasoning See More
PPRAG 1536 People, Patients and Populations See More
PPRAG 1571 Healthcare Systems See More
PPRAG 1591 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice See More
PPRAG 1665 Ethical Decision Making See More
PPRAG 1667 Complementary and Alternative Medicine See More
PPRAG 1672 Research Methods & Epidemiology for Healthcare Professionals See More
PPRAG 1675 Pharmacy Practice Management See More
PPRAG 1676 Evidence-Based Healthcare See More
PPRAG 1677 Advanced Interprofessional Development (1/3 of the class) See More
PPRAG 1694 Introductory Community Experience See More
PPRAG 1695 Introductory Institutional Experience See More
PPRAG 1701 Acute Care Management See More
PPRAG 1737 Disease State Management See More
PPRAG 1776 Human Resource Management See More
PPRAG 1790A-F Pharm.D. Seminar See More
PPRAG 1791 Advanced Community Pharmacy Practice Experience See More
PPRAG 1792 Advanced Acute Care Pharmacy Practice Experience See More
PPRAG 1793 Advanced Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Experience See More
PPRAG 1794 Advanced Health System Pharmacy Practice Experience See More
PPRAG 1795 Patient Care Elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience See More
PPRAG 1796 Elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience See More
PSCIG 1540 Pharmaceutical Calculations See More
PSCIG 1541 Pharmaceutics 1, Non-Sterile Dosage Forms See More
PSCIG 1541L Pharmacy Compounding See More
PSCIG 1542 Pharmaceutics 2, Sterile Dosage Forms See More
PSCIG 1564 Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics See More


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