The Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)/Nurse Leadership in Global Health program may elect to accept transfer students. Transfer students must apply to the program and, if qualified, must participate in an admissions interview. Any requests for consideration of transfer credit must be provided in writing no later than September 1st. Supporting documents such as course syllabi must also accompany this request.  The Admissions Committee must approve all transfer students and will determine the number of graduate transfer credits granted (not to exceed 8 credits). 

In order to receive credit for previous coursework completed at other institutions, students must submit a Transfer of Credit Request Application to be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. The transfer of credit has the following conditions:

  1. Transferred course credit is limited to graduate level courses from recognized, regionally accredited degree granting institutions.
  2. Credit is not transferred for a clinical practicum or an internship.
  3. Credit may only be awarded for courses in which grades of B- or better were attained.
  4. Credit can only be awarded for courses completed within the seven-year period prior to matriculation.
  5. Transfer of Credit Request Applications must be submitted by August 1st (prior to matriculation into the program).
  6. Please contact the program for a list of eligible courses for transfer.