Please note that information provided in the catalog does not establish a contractual relationship between MWU and the student. The Post-Master's Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Completion (D.N.A.P.) program reserves the right to alter its curriculum, however and whenever it deems appropriate.

Method of Delivery: Online.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program:  45

First Professional Year:

Total Credit Hours Required: 45
Fall Quarter
DNAPG 1510 Foundations of Clinical Practice Credits: 4
DNAPG 1511 Systems Thinking and Organizational Leadership Credits: 3
DNAPG 1512 Scholarly Project I Credits: 4
Total 11
Winter Quarter 10
DNAPG 1520 Healthcare Policy Credits: 3
DNAPG 1521 Ethics and Informatics Credits: 3
DNAPG 1522 Scholarly Project II Credits: 4
Total 10
Spring Quarter 11
DNAPG 1530 Biostatistics and Research: Generating Evidence for Practice Credits: 4
DNAPG 1531 Patient Safety and Health Promotion Credits: 3
DNAPG 1532 Scholarly Project III Credits: 4
Total 11
Summer Quarter 13
DNAPG 1540 Education Process and Research Credits: 3
DNAPG 1541 DNAPG 1541 Population Based Care Credits: 3
DNAPG 1542 Scholarly Project IV Credits: 4
DNAPG 1543 Healthcare Administration and Advanced Business Principles for the Anesthesia Professional Credits: 3
Total 13


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