The M.P.H. Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.  This Catalog does not establish a contractual relationship between Midwestern University and students.  Total quarter credits required for program completion is 56.

Sample sequencing of courses and course credits. Students may elect to take fewer credit hours during the Summer Quarter. Not all electives are offered every quarter.

Total Credit Hours for Sample Curriculum: 56

Summer Quarter (Year 1)
PUBHG 510 Introduction to Public Health Credits: 2
PUBHG 515 Introduction to Environmental & Occupational Health Credits: 3
PUBHG 517 Behavioral and Social Impacts on Public Health Credits: 2
PUBHG 525 Principles of Epidemiology Credits: 3
PUBHG 526 Program Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation Credits: 3
PUBHG 535 Quantitative Research Credits: 2
Total 15
Summer Quarter (Year 2)
PUBHG 514 Introduction to Health Policy Credits: 3
PUBHG 537 Biostatistics and Research Credits: 2
PUBHG 655 Impacts of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice on Health Credits: 3
PUBHG 536 Qualitative Research Credits: 2
PUBHG 665 Leadership and Management in Health Credits: 3
Total 13

Credits transferred from the primary health professional degree program 16 credits

Fall, Winter and/or Spring Quarters (Year 2) 16
Fall, Winter and/or Spring Quarters (Year 2)
Fall, Winter, and/or Spring Quarters (Years 3-4)
PUBHG 518 Health Systems Credits: 2
PUBHG 615 Food Systems as a Model of Globalization and One Health Credits: 2
PUBHG 630 Application of One Health Principles and Practice Credits: 2
PUBHG 631 Epidemiology of Emerging Infectious Diseases Credits: 2
PUBHG 660 Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Credits: 2
PUBHG 710 Public Health Practicum Credits: 4
PUBHG 725 Public Health Culminating Project Credits: 2
Total 16


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