To be considered for admission to the M.P.H. degree program, applicants must submit their applications online through the Midwestern University direct application. Dual degrees are completed in conjunction with healthcare professional degrees such as Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Optometry, or Doctor of Dental Medicine professional degree programs may apply to the M.P.H. program as a dual degree student by submitting an abbreviated online application through the Student Portal and releasing their Midwestern University application package to the M.P.H. program for admissions consideration. No additional application fee is required. 

The M.P.H. degree program uses a rolling admissions process in which completed applications are reviewed and decisions are made at regular intervals during the admissions cycle. The program begins in the Summer Quarter. After receiving completed application packets, the Midwestern University Office of Admissions verifies the information provided to determine whether all prerequisites have been completed satisfactorily, or they will be completed prior to potential matriculation and also to verify the cumulative GPAs for all completed courses. Admission to the M.P.H. degree program is considered on a competitive basis for applicants submitting completed applications. To maximize their competitiveness within this rolling admission process, candidates are advised to submit their completed applications early in the admission cycle. The deadline for applications is April 15 or the first business day thereafter.