To meet the mission of the University and AZCOM, academic counseling by MWU/AZCOM faculty is provided to students over the continuum of the medical school curriculum to help ensure successful completion of the program and graduation.

During the OMS 3 and OMS 4 academic years, academic advising is provided to students as part of an ongoing assessment through members of the Dean’s leadership team, department chairs, department faculty, and the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee.

Longitudinal assessment of student performance, and specifically students of academic risk, are monitored and counseled by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.


AZCOM Office of the Dean

The Dean’s leadership team (Dean, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Associate Dean for Curricular Integration and Faculty Development) maintains an open-door policy. They are integrally involved in coaching and mentoring students throughout medical school regarding their career choices and the residency match process. Additionally, during third year, the Office of the Dean will schedule individual meetings for each student to meet with a member of the Dean’s leadership team to discuss their current academic performance, board score concerns, and preparation for the residency match. Prior to the meeting, students are asked to draft characteristics to be reviewed/edited for inclusion in their Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPE).  Overall MSPE content is discussed so that students know what to expect. Students will have an opportunity to review their MSPEs before submission to ERAS.

AZCOM Clinical Department Chairs and Faculty

The AZCOM Clinical Department Chairs and faculty maintain an open-door policy and are integrally involved in coaching and mentoring students regarding career choices and the residency match process. Guidance for rotations, interview planning, and match list process is provided individually for all students interested.

Postgraduate Education/Midwestern University Graduate Medical Education Consortium (MWU GME)

Midwestern University offers a continuity of osteopathic medical education from the first year of medical school to the final year of postgraduate training. Midwestern University’s Graduate Medical Education Consortium sponsors many residency programs encompassing several medical specialties. The curriculum encompasses a multifaceted approach to graduate medical education that focuses on educational excellence. Programs follow the guidelines of and receive accreditation from the American College of Graduate Medical Educations (ACGME). The MWU GME Consortium is actively developing new residency programs and sites.

Students may contact the MWU GME Consortium for information on current programs and new programs under development by going to its website,, or contacting  Lilia Wilson, MBA, MPM Director, Graduate Medical Education, 623/572-3318,