The Department of Integrated Medicine consists of several disciplines: Emergency Medicine, Human Behavior/Psychiatry, Radiology and Point of Care Ultrasound. Human Behavior and Psychopharmacology courses are offered in the first two years, as well as an Introduction to Imaging. Integration of osteopathic principles occurs in each of the courses offered during the four-year curriculum. Faculty regularly observe, debrief, and grade OSCE experiences throughout the four-year curriculum. During third year clinical rotations, the department manages the core clinical clerkship in Psychiatry. Students are also provided an opportunity to experience Emergency Medicine as an elective in third-year and as a core rotation in fourth year. Radiology, Point of Care Ultrasound, and EMS electives are offered during the third and fourth years. Rotations consist of office-based, hospitalist-based, and residency-based rotation opportunities.