Three students per year are competitively selected through an application process from the AZCOM second year class to enter the Applied Master in Osteopathic Education program. Students admitted to the program are referred to as OMM Scholars.

The Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine charges no tuition or fees for students enrolled in the Applied Master of Osteopathic Education program because they perform as junior faculty members by teaching in osteopathic manipulative medicine workshops. Students receive a tuition reduction for their primary Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine program, as well as a stipend for their classroom assistance.

OMM Scholars extend their training such that, with successful completion of the program, they graduate in 5 years with their Doctor in Osteopathic Medicine and Applied Master of Osteopathic Education degrees. The extra year prepares students to teach, do research and lead such that they are prepared to work in academic settings in the future.

OMM Scholars participate in the AZCOM curriculum throughout their third and final years as AZCOM students. An additional year, between third and final years, serves as a year of didactic and hands-on classroom teaching, research and quality improvement and community service activities, in addition to a longitudinal outpatient osteopathic experiential training.

All students accepted into the OMM Student Scholarship program simultaneously complete degree requirements for both the D.O. and Applied Master in Osteopathic Education. To receive academic credit toward the applied master’s degree, scholars complete the following program of experiential coursework geared to support their professional development in the areas of teaching, leadership, research, and community service.

Total Curricular Hours
Year 3      18 credit hours
Year 4      44.5 credit hours
Year 5      9.5 credit hours

Abbreviation/Number Course Name
AMOEG 1700 Teaching & Leadership in Osteopathic Medicine I See More
AMOEG 1800 Teaching & Leadership in Osteopathic Medicine II See More
AMOEG 1801 Research in Osteopathic Medicine See More
AMOEG 1802 Osteopathic Primary Care Longitudinal Clerkship See More
AMOEG 1803 Teaching & Leadership in Osteopathic Medicine III See More
CLMDG 1355 Osteopathic Cranial Manipulative Medicine See More
CLMDG 1415 Teaching in Humanity in Medicine See More
ELECG 1801 Research Rotation See More
FMEDG 1703 OMM Clinical Elective Rotation See More


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