Prerequisites for courses may be established by the department that administers the course. Prerequisites are recommended to the Curriculum Committee for approval and are listed within the course description in the catalog. Unless otherwise stated in the course descriptions below, courses have no prerequisites.

On a case-by-case basis, prerequisites may be waived upon approval of the Department Chair of the department that delivers the course.

Abbreviation/Number Course Name
ANATG 1516 Anatomical Sciences I See More
ANATG 1526 Anatomical Sciences II See More
ANATG 1536 Anatomical Sciences III See More
BIOCG 1511 Biochemistry I See More
BIOCG 1522 Biochemistry II See More
CARDG 1701 Cardiology Rotation See More
CLMDG 1516 Humanity in Medicine See More
CLMDG 1631 Introduction to Imaging See More
CLMDG 1650A,B,C Interprofessional Health Outreach through Medicine and Education See More
CLMDG 1700 Introduction to Clerkship See More
CLMDG 1701 Osteopathic Clinical Medicine III See More
CLMDG 1702 ACLS See More
CLMDG 1803 Osteopathic Clinical Medicine IV See More
CMEDG 1613 Patient Care Experience I See More
CMEDG 1624 Patient Care Experience II See More
COREG 1560A Fall, 1570A Winter, 1580A Spring Interprofessional Healthcare See More
ELECG 1801 Directed Study for Achieving Osteopathic Competency See More
EMEDG 1801 Emergency Medicine Rotation See More
FMEDG 1531 Public Health, Medical Ethics and Jurisprudence See More
FMEDG 1701 Family Medicine Rotation I See More
FMEDG 1702 Family Medicine Rotation II See More
FMEDG 1703 Third Year Elective See More
ICMDG 1614 Osteopathic Patient Care I See More
ICMDG 1625 Osteopathic Patient Care II See More
ICMDG 1630 Osteopathic Patient Care III See More
IMEDG 1701 General Internal Medicine Rotation I See More
IMEDG 1702 General Internal Medicine Rotation II See More
IMEDG 1803 Subspecialty Internal Medicine Rotation See More
IMEDG 1804 Critical Care Rotation See More
IMEDG 1804S Surgical Intensive Care Unit Rotation (alt. choice) See More
MICRG 1531 Immunology See More
MICRG 1615 Microbiology I See More
MICRG 1625 Microbiology II See More
MPSYG 1511 Introduction to Human Behavior I See More
MPSYG 1522 Introduction to Human Behavior II See More
MPSYG 1533 Introduction to Human Behavior III See More
MPSYG 1634 Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders See More
MPSYG 1701 Psychiatry Rotation See More
OBGYG 1701 Obstetrics/Gynecology Rotation See More
OCMDG 1511 Osteopathic Principles and Practice I See More
OCMDG 1522 Osteopathic Principles and Practice II See More
OCMDG 1533 Osteopathic Principles and Practice III See More
OMEDG 1614 Osteopathic Principles and Practice IV See More
OMEDG 1625 Osteopathic Principles and Practice V See More
OMEDG 1636 Osteopathic Principles and Practice VI See More
PATHG 1611 Pathology I See More
PATHG 1622 Pathology II See More
PATHG 1633 Pathology III See More
PEDIG 1701 Pediatric Rotation See More
PHARG 1610 Pharmacology I See More
PHARG 1620 Pharmacology II See More
PHARG 1630 Pharmacology III See More
PHYSG 1521 Physiology I See More
PHYSG 1532 Physiology II See More
RURLG 1701 Rural Medicine See More
SURGG 1701 General Surgery Rotation See More
SURGG 1802 Subspecialty Surgery Rotation See More


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