Prerequisites are listed for those courses with such requirements. When no prerequisite is listed in a course description it is implied that there is no prerequisite.

Abbreviation/Number Course Name
BASIG 1510 Integrated Basic Sciences I See More
BASIG 1511 Integrated Basic Sciences II See More
BASIG 1512 Integrated Basic Sciences III See More
BASIG 1513 Integrated Basic Sciences IV See More
BASIG 1514 Integrated Basic Sciences V See More
BASIG 1515 Integrated Basic Sciences VI See More
BASIG 1516 Integrated Basic Sciences VII See More
BASIG 1517 Integrated Basic Sciences VIII See More
BASIG 1518 Integrated Basic Sciences IX See More
COREG 1560J, 1570J, 1580J Interprofessional Healthcare See More
OPTOG 1510, 1520, 1530 Clinical Services, Theory & Methods I, II, III See More
OPTOG 1511 Contemporary Issues in Health Care and Ethics See More
OPTOG 1514, 1714, 1724 Optometry Business and Career Management I, II, III See More
OPTOG 1540, 1550, 1525 Geometric, Physical and Visual Optics I, II, III See More
OPTOG 1560, 1580, 1590 Ocular Anatomy and Physiology I, II, III See More
OPTOG 1620 Visual Science: Monocular Sensory Processing See More
OPTOG 1622 Visual Science: Ocular Motility See More
OPTOG 1624 Visual Science: Binocular Vision See More
OPTOG 1630, 1632 Ophthalmic Optics I, II See More
OPTOG 1640, 1642, 1644, 1746 Ocular Disease I, II, III, IV See More
OPTOG 1645, 1646, 1740 Contact Lens I, II, III See More
OPTOG 1650, 1652, 1654 Clinical Services, Theory & Methods IV, V, VI See More
OPTOG 1655 Introduction to Clinical Services See More
OPTOG 1670 Capstone Project I: Research Design and Biostatistics See More
OPTOG 1672 Capstone Project II: Literature Search and Study Design See More
OPTOG 1675 Visual Neurophysiology See More
OPTOG 1691, 1692, 1693 Ocular Pharmacology I, II, III See More
OPTOG 1694 Pediatric Optometry See More
OPTOG 1720 Diagnosis and Management of Non-Strabismic Binocular Vision Disorders See More
OPTOG 1722 Diagnosis of Strabismus and Amblyopia See More
OPTOG 1723 Treatment and Management of Strabismus and Amblyopia See More
OPTOG 1726 Advanced Competency in Binocular Vision and Pediatrics See More
OPTOG 1729 Advanced Ophthalmic Procedures See More
OPTOG 1745 Epidemiology, Public Health and the Optometric Profession See More
OPTOG 1760 Capstone Project III: Data Collection and Analysis See More
OPTOG 1761 Capstone Project IV: Research Presentation See More
OPTOG 1770, 1771, 1772, 1773 Clinical Services VII, VIII, IX, X See More
OPTOG 1785 Visual Rehabilitation See More
OPTOG 1787 Neuro-ophthalmic Disease See More
OPTOG 1790 Evidence Based Medicine See More
OPTOG 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 Clinical Services XI, XII, XIII, XIV See More
PHARG 1602, 1623 General Pharmacology I, II See More


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