AZCOPT may elect to accept transfer students from other U.S. accredited schools of optometry who are currently enrolled, are in good academic standing, and provide acceptable reason(s) for seeking transfer. Typically, students will transfer at the beginning of the second year of the curriculum.

Students requesting transfers must meet the College's general requirements for admission. They must also submit the following:

  1. A letter to the Director of Admissions outlining the reasons for requesting transfer and explaining any difficulties encountered at the previous institutions.
  2. Course syllabi for all optometry coursework for which advanced standing credit is requested.
  3. Official scores from the OAT, MCAT, DAT, PCAT, or GRE.
  4. Official transcripts from all schools attended - undergraduate, graduate, and professional.
  5. A letter from the Dean of the college in which the student is enrolled that describes current academic status and terms of withdrawal or dismissal.
  6. Additional documents or letters of recommendation as determined necessary by the Director of Admissions or Dean.

Following receipt of these materials, a decision by the Dean is made regarding whether or not the student merits an on-campus interview. If the student receives an invitation, the individual interviews with an appropriate interview team. The interview team then makes an admissions recommendation to the Dean, who is responsible for approving both the student's admissions status and class standing.

The transfer application must be received sufficiently early to allow for processing of the application, interview, and relocation of the student prior to the start of the next academic term.