Speech-Language Pathology Program

The Midwestern University Speech-Language Pathology Program is dedicated to the professional development of speech-language pathologists to work in a variety of healthcare and educational settings.  As clinical scientists, they will serve the communication and swallowing needs of individuals across the lifespan through responsive, compassionate, ethical, and evidence-based practice. 

Speech-Language Institute - www.mwuclinics.com/il/sp

The Midwestern University Speech-Language Institute is dedicated to the dual missions of providing exceptional educational experiences for SLP students and outstanding service to the community.  Faculty and student clinicians will evaluate and treat the communication and swallowing needs of children and adults who seek their services, upholding the highest standards of clinical practice.  They shall commit themselves to the care of their clients and their families, continually striving for optimal communication and swallowing outcomes.  They shall advocate for their clients' rights to effective communication and quality of life.  They will exemplify the best standards of the healthcare and educational professions.