The mission of the Midwestern University Physician Assistant (PA) Program is to develop competent and compassionate physician assistants who will make meaningful contributions to their patients, community, and profession.


Midwestern University is committed to establishing a culture of inclusivity that celebrates diversity. As part of its vision, Midwestern University embraces cultural and social diversity in the academic community and the community-at-large.

 The Midwestern University-Downers Grove PA Program also celebrates diversity, inclusion, and many perspectives in medical education. We value diversity among students, faculty, and staff throughout the educational experience. We seek to prepare future clinicians to serve diverse populations and address the healthcare needs of all patients.

 These values and aims align with Midwestern University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and express commitment to meeting the diversity and inclusion standards set forth by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc.


The goals of the Midwestern University PA Program are to: 1) provide a rigorous academic and clinical curriculum and achieve first-time PANCE percentage pass rates above the national average, 2) cultivate an environment of professionalism to encourage the development of competent and compassionate providers, 3) prepare students to serve diverse populations in both primary care and specialty settings, 4) demonstrate the application of evidence-based medicine and foster a continuous commitment to lifelong learning and community involvement as a health care provider, and 5) develop and implement student recruitment and holistic admissions processes to enhance the number of our matriculants from groups who are underrepresented in medicine and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds.


To ensure students who graduate from the Midwestern University-Downers Grove PA Program are prepared for entry-level PA practice, they receive a didactic and clinical curriculum that facilitates their achievement of specific core competencies. The Midwestern University-Downers Grove PA Program Competency Framework includes 19 separate core competencies across the following six competency domains: Knowledge for Practice, Patient-Centered Practice, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Professionalism, and Self-Improvement and Personal Wellness. A list of the core competencies adopted by the Midwestern University-Downers Grove PA Program is published on the program’s website: