To be considered for admission to the Occupational Therapy Program, applicants must submit the following to the Office of Admissions:

  1. OTCAS Application
    Applicants are required to submit their applications to OTCAS at by February 1, 2024. Please refer to the OTCAS application instructions for specific details about completing the application, required documents, and processing time. The OTCAS application should be available for applicants beginning in Summer 2023. Due to the large number of applications and the limited number of seats available, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their OTCAS application early in the cycle.
  2. Letters of Recommendation
    Applicants are required to submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation from professionals to OTCAS ( The Office of Admissions will only accept letters of recommendation received directly from OTCAS. It is preferred that one of the submitted letters is written by an occupational therapist who has supervised or mentored the applicant or a professional who can speak to the applicant's motivation, experiences in occupational therapy, or readiness for entering the Occupational Therapy Program. The second letter can be written by either a college professor who actually taught the student or a pre-health advisor who knows the applicant well. The applicant should refer to the OTCAS application instructions for specific guidelines and requirements for submitting letters of recommendation.
  3. Completed Applications
    The Office of Admissions will send letters verifying receipt of OTCAS applications with all required materials to all applications who meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 3.00. The letters will also include instructions on checking the status of the required application materials online. Applicants are responsible for tracking the receipt of their application materials and ensuring the submission of all required documents. Only applicants who submit completed applications with all required application materials will be considered for potential entrance into the Program.

Please note: Applicants are responsible for notifying the Office of Admissions of any changes in their mailing address or email address. All application withdrawal requests must be made in writing via e-mail, fax, or letter to:

Midwestern University
Office of Admissions
555 31st St. Downers Grove, IL 60515
Fax: 630/971-6086