The College of Health Sciences Occupational Therapy Program considers for admission those applicants who possess the academic and professional promise necessary for development as competent, caring members of the healthcare community. To select these candidates, a competitive admissions framework has been established. Within this competitive admissions framework, multiple criteria are used to select the most qualified candidates from an applicant pool that exceeds the number of seats available. Interested individuals are advised to complete their application as early as possible to ensure timely consideration.

The Midwestern University Occupational Therapy Program uses the Centralized Application Service for Occupational Therapy Schools (OTCAS) for students applying to the Program. All applicants to the Occupational Therapy Program are required to submit their applications to OTCAS ( with all required materials by February 1, 2024. Please refer to the OTCAS website for instructions on submission of OTCAS application materials. The Occupational Therapy Program operates on a rolling admissions basis in which completed applications are reviewed throughout the admissions cycle to determine applicant eligibility for interviews. Interviews are typically conducted during the winter and spring quarters. Admissions decisions are generally made within one month of the interview.


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