The Program offers a number elective courses which are offered periodically to provide enhanced education in particular areas of student interest.

Child and Adolescent Emphasis
Students may elect to pursue a specialized emphasis in clinical work with children and adolescents. This emphasis includes additional elective coursework in assessment and therapy with children, adolescents and families, as well as focused training and research experiences as outlined below. Required courses include:

  • PSYCD 1671 Child Psychopathology
  • PSYCD 1473 Child & Adolescent Assessment I (Elective)
  • PSYCD 1474 Child & Adolescent Assessment II (Elective)
  • PSYCD 1475 Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy I (Elective)
  • PSYCD 1476 Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy II (Elective)
  • PSYCD 1705 Family and Systems Theory and Application (Elective)

In order to enroll in electives within the Child and Adolescent emphasis, students must have successfully completed all required 1st and 2nd year courses. Students entering the program with advanced standing may seek permission from the emphasis director or program director.

In addition to the required courses, students who elect this emphasis are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • At least two clinical training experiences focused on children & adolescents, one diagnostic, one therapy
  • Dissertation topic required to have a child, adolescent, or family focus
  • Mentorship-Group meetings with the Coordinator of Child & Adolescent Emphasis as scheduled  
  • At least one submission of a presentation or scholarly work that has a child or adolescent emphasis (poster, presenter) at local, state, or national conference; must be primary presenter or author.
Abbreviation/Number Course Name
PSYCD 1339 Counseling Modalities & Chemical Dependency See More
PSYCD 1345 Theories and Approaches to Marriage Counseling and Therapy See More
PSYCD 1462 Trauma, Death and Dying See More
PSYCD 1463 Introduction to Telehealth for Clinical Psychologists See More
PSYCD 1465 Psychology of Rehabilitation See More
PSYCD 1473 Child & Adolescent Assessment I See More
PSYCD 1474 Child & Adolescent Assessment II See More
PSYCD 1475 Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy I See More
PSYCD 1476 Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy II See More
PSYCD 1478, 1479 Directed Readings in Clinical Psychology I, II See More
PSYCD 1480 Forensic Psychology See More
PSYCD 1488, 1489 Independent Study I, II See More
PSYCD 1494 Special Topics See More
PSCID 1379 LGBTQI Considerations in the Provision of Healthcare See More
CORED 1699H Interprofessional Education II See More
PSYCD 1770 Human Sexuality See More
PSYCD 1464 Health Psychology See More

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