Following notification of a decision from the CGS Student Promotion and Graduation Committee, a student may appeal.  The student has three working days to submit a formal written appeal of the Committee's decision to the Dean.  The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Dean within this three-day period.  A narrative explaining the basis for the appeal should accompany the request.  An appeal must be based on one of the following documented premises:

  1. Bias of one or more members of the CGS Student Promotion and Graduation Committee
    Note:  The student must present specific evidence that the committee member(s) demonstrated bias against the student in conducting the academic review process
  2. Material, documentable information not available to the committee at the time of its initial decision.
    Note: The student must provide a detailed explanation of why the new information is relevant and why it was not made available to the committee members during the academic review process. The student should be prepared to produce pertinent documentation at the appeal meeting. 
  3. Procedural error.
    Note: The student must provide evidence that the committee did not correctly follow the procedures related to the conduct of the academic review process; for example, the student was not given notice of the meeting or committee recommendation in accordance with stated policies.

Upon receipt of the student's appeal, the Dean will consider the appeal and may, at their discretion, form an ad hoc appeal committee.  In all cases, the Dean must make a decision, typically within ten working days, and then notify the student, the Chair of the CGS Student Promotion and Graduation Committee, and all appropriate support offices via campus email.  The decision of the Dean is final.

Students must attend all courses in which they are registered until the appeal process is complete.  Students who fail a required or prerequisite course should consult with the Program Director regarding attendance in courses in the subsequent quarter.