Prerequisites are listed for those courses with such requirements. When no prerequisite is listed in a course description, it is implied that there is no prerequisite.
Abbreviation/Number Course Name
BIOCD 0561 CGS Biochemistry I See More
BIOCD 0571 CGS Biochemistry II See More
BIOCD 0580 Human Genetics See More
BISCD 0550 Professional Development See More
BISCD 0552 Fundamentals of Research See More
BISCD 0556 Research Design and Methodology See More
BISCD 0557 Principles of Biostatistics See More
BISCD 0558/0681 Literature Review See More
BISCD 0560, 0660, 0661, 0662, 0663 Laboratory Research for Thesis See More
BISCD 0570 Ethics of Research and Experimentation See More
BISCD 0581/0650 Journal Club See More
BISCD 0653, 0654 Seminar in the Biomedical Sciences See More
BISCD 0655, 0656 Seminar in the Biomedical Sciences for Dual Degree See More
BISCD 0665 Thesis Proposal See More
BISCD 0680 Thesis See More
BISCD 0690, 0691, 0692, 0693, 0694, 0695, 0696, 0697, 0698, 0699 Thesis Continuation See More
MICRD 0583 Medical Microbiology with Lab See More
MICRD 0599 Molecular Immunology See More
PHYSD 0550, 0551 Human Physiology I, II See More


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