Remediation of failed courses may entail participation in live or online coursework provided by outside institutions.  Such courses may contain some material that was presented in CCOM courses which the student has successfully completed.  The student will be responsible for any additional tuition and fees required to complete remediation coursework at outside institutions.

If a student receives a failing grade for coursework taken at Midwestern University, that grade is recorded on the transcript as a letter grade ("F" entry.) Upon repetition of a failed course, the original grade of "F" remains on the transcript and the repeated course and new grade are entered on the transcript. The grade for a failed course repeated and passed at Midwestern University or outside institution is recorded on the transcript as a grade of "C." For all failed clinical rotations at Midwestern University repeated and passed, a grade of "C" will be recorded on the transcript. For both preclinical coursework and clinical rotations that are repeated, the original failing grade will remain on the transcript but will not be included in the GPA calculations. The grade of "C" will be included in the GPA calculation. If a repeated preclinical course or clinical rotation is failed, a grade of "F" is again recorded on the transcript and included in the GPA calculation. Students who fail a course a second time will be recommended for dismissal.