The instructional program in Pharmacology focuses on the actions of clinically-important drugs and toxicants in humans.  The primary goal of the program is to provide the osteopathic medical student with a firm understanding of the general pharmacology of the major classes of drugs and toxicants, so that the student can begin his/her clinical training at the highest possible level of preparedness and pursue a career of life-long learning as an osteopathic physician.  The pharmacology courses will be presented over the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters of the academic year. The various classes of drugs will be considered on an organ system and disease-group basis supplemented with the incorporation of symptoms and clinical cases.  In addition, students will receive instruction on a variety of related topics including general principles of drug action, pharmacokinetics, therapeutics, toxicology and drugs of abuse.  Throughout the course sequence, the faculty will consider the various drugs and topics from a holistic, osteopathic perspective.