Letter grades corresponding to the level of achievement in each course are assigned based on the results of examinations, required coursework, and, as applicable, other criteria established for each course as follows. Individual faculty have the prerogative to use a plus/minus letter grading system or a whole letter grading system.

Courses are recorded in terms of quarter hour(s) of credit. Multiplication of the credits for a course by the numeric value for the grade awarded gives the number of quality points earned for a course. Dividing the total number of quality points earned in courses by the total number of credits in those courses gives the grade point average.

Grades reported as "W" and "P" are recorded on a student's permanent record but are not used in the calculation of a student's grade point average. Similarly, a grade of "I" or "IP" may be assigned and is used only when special/extenuating circumstances exist (e.g., prolonged illness, family crisis, etc.), which prevent a student from completing the necessary course requirements on time in order to receive a grade. 

If a student receives an "F" grade in a course, that grade will be recorded on the student's transcript. This deficiency may be corrected as recommended by the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee by repeating the failed course. When a course is repeated, the student may earn a maximum grade of "C". Following successful repetition of the course, the permanent record of the student will be updated to indicate that the failed course has been successfully repeated.

If a student is required or recommended, by the Student Promotion Graduation Committee, to retake a course that was previously passed, the grade earned each time is recorded, but only the most recent grade is used in the computation of the student's cumulative grade point average.