Clinical service courses are completed sequentially.

If a student receives an "F" in a clinical service course, he/she may appeal the failing grade, in writing, to the course director. This must be submitted within two business days after the grade is posted. The course director will act on this appeal and must inform the student, in writing, within 2 business days of this decision. If the appeal is accepted the course director may place the student on an individualized education plan (IEP) under the direction of the course director and may require that the student take coursework.  The course director's options are not limited to the above and can be modified on a case-by-case basis.  If the course director decides to uphold the "F", the student has the right to follow the appeal process outlined below in Grade Appeals. "F" grades, or those that are upheld through the appeal process will be forwarded to the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee who may exercise any combination of the following sequence:

  1. Place the student in an extended program, if eligible.
  2. Put the student on a leave of absence to undergo a period of independent study.
  3. Require additional coursework or specified activities to enhance optometry knowledge, skills techniques, and concepts that are deemed critical for success as a Doctor of Optometry; and/or demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills techniques and concepts deemed critical for success as a Doctor of Optometry.
  4. Require the student to repeat the failed clinical rotation.
  5. Be dismissed from the program.