Prerequisites are listed for those courses with such requirements. When no prerequisite is listed in a course description, it is implied that there is no prerequisite.

Abbreviation/Number Course Name
CORED 1111 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare See More
OPTOD 1401-11 Research See More
OPTOD 1582-5 Optometry Competency See More
OPTOD 1682-5 Selected Studies See More
OPTOD 1760 Study Skills Enhancement See More
OPTOD 1761 Applied Basic Science Review See More
OPTOD 1781 Advanced Topics for Ocular Surface Disease See More
OPTOD 1782 Advanced Topics for GP Contact Lenses See More
OPTOD 1783 Advanced Topics: Pediatric Eye Disease See More
OPTOD 1793-6 Third Year Clinical Skills Enhancement See More
OPTOD 1797 Spanish for Optometric Eye Exams See More
OPTOD 1798 Introduction to Sports Vision See More
OPTOD 1799 Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation See More
OPTOD 1894-7 Fourth Year Clinical Skills Enhancement See More


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