Downers Grove, IL Campus Catalog / Chicago College of Optometry / Admissions / Readmission After Dismissal for Poor Academic Performance

Students dismissed for poor academic performance may reapply for admission to CCO if the student;

  • Seeks academic counseling from the Office of the Dean prior to enrolling in an advanced health-related curriculum;
  • Completes at least two semesters or three quarters of full-time study (i.e., at least 15 credit hours per semester or quarter) of a curriculum at the advanced level at a regionally accredited U.S. college or university;
  • Earns grades of at least C (not C-) in all courses taken;
  • Maintains a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better.

Students fulfilling these requirements will be permitted to reapply to the University and CCO. Students should obtain the applications from the Office of the Dean and not through OptomCAS. Completed readmission applications must be submitted by May 15th to the Office of the Dean. The completed application will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review and recommendation. Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Dean for final action.

No guarantee of admission is implied, and questions related to advanced standing and similar issues will be addressed as they are for new applicants. Readmission will be granted only once.