Rachael Kreisler, V.M.D., M.S.C.E, DACVPM

Associate Professor
Glendale, AZ

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Dr. Kreisler joined Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine in August 2015 to help build a shelter medicine curriculum. In November of 2015 she launched the extracurricular mobile clinic program that provides sterilization, wellness and minor medical services to shelters and reservations in Arizona. Additional service to the community has involved shelter data analytics and shelter animal disease outbreak investigation, including distemper, Streptococcus zooepidemicus and pneumovirus.

She is faculty advisor to the Shelter Medicine and Veterinary Business Management Association clubs, as well as the veterinary contingent of the interdisciplinary HOME program. She is course organizer for the Appreciation of the Veterinary Literature and One Health 1st year courses as well as the Shelter Medicine and Practice Management 3rd year electives. Clinical interests include shelter medicine, field medicine, feline medicine and surgery.

Associate Professor

Glendale, AZ

College of Graduate Studies - AZ
College of Veterinary Medicine

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Veterinary Medicine

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University of Pennsylvania | 2014 | M.SC
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine | 2012 | V.M.D.
University of the South | 1997 | B.A.

Courses Taught

Appreciation of the Veterinary Literature

One Health - Public Health, Food Safety and Epidemiology

Shelter Medicine Elective

Practice Ownership Elective


Her research has focused on topics that inform clinical decision-making, affect shelter and at-risk animal populations and improve veterinary student education. She is also interested in collaborative studies that take advantage of shelter medicine's caseload of hundreds of animals per month or involve large datasets.


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President, Association of Veterinary Informatics

Board Member, Association of Shelter Veterinarians

Member, American Medical Informatics Association

Member, International Society for Infectious Diseases

Member, American Animal Hospital Association

Member, Arizona Veterinary Medical Association

Member, Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association

Member, American Veterinary Medical Association