Story of the Stained Glass

As told by artist Roger Hogan

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As you approach the "jewel" of the campus, the stained glass windows
at the entrance beckon you with desert colors, a river of life flows throughout,
and crystals in the sky lead the eye inside. A tree of life displays robust reds,
yellows, and oranges at its base, suggesting the fullness of a fruitful life.

The River of Life
Entering the greeting area, the floor takes up the theme of the river of
life, flowing through the chapel floor and narrowing as it approaches the
reredos (altar) wall.

The Seasons & Elements
Inside the chapel, clear story stained glass windows move in color
harmony with the elements: spring (water), summer (earth), autumn (fire),
and winter (wind).

To the south, the winter colors of lavender and cerulean blue give way to
the autumn colors of fire. On the north, more lavenders, Prussian blue-greys,
and touches of purple lead to the colors of summer: emerald greens, earthy
leaves, and lime green, all bursting with the river of life in streaky blues.

The Community Table
As you walk the pathway of the river of life, you come upon a table of
community in the form of a tree, planted and carved with texture, made in
Honduras with a maple top.

Signs of Peace and Hope
On the altar wall, shapes of carved clouds give the sense of a dove, which
is a sign of peace. Above these clouds are rays that flow with the stained glass
to blend the seasons of summer and autumn with the deep blues of
creation, pierced with the golden rays of hope and joy.

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