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Shridhar Andurkar, Ph.D.

Like every good chemist, I always want to find out if I can make something that works well work even better.


Tolu Akinwale

I worked with graduates of CCP and one of the things that immediately caught my attention was their strong interpersonal skills in dealing with patients. It's one thing to have the knowledge of pharmacy as a practice; but it's another thing to be able to relate to patients and help them make the necessary changes to achieve a better health outcome


Zachary Karlinski

I worked with multiple alumni from Midwestern University who always had great things to say and that made my decision to attend Midwestern easy.


Asal Azizoddin, Pharm.D., BCPS, CPG Class of 2014

Every day I wake up with the mindset to “be better every day” through inspiring those around me and being of service.


Rebecca Weiner, D.O., CCOM Class of 2016

I have had the wonderful experience of working with my father and being mentored by a thorough and exceptional physician with over 40 years of experience. It has been inspiring, as well as fun, to discuss complex cases and learn from all of his years of experience.


Merima Bucaj, D.O., FAAFP, AZCOM Class of 2011

Find the specialty that speaks to you and awakens your curiosity and excitement for the field, and never let anyone tell you what specialty you can and cannot do.


Rinku Patel, RPh, Pharm.D., CPDG Class of 2002

We often forget that professional opportunities are built on the same principles of human interactions we value at a personal level. These are values of trust, friendship, and service.


Shenin Sachedina, D.O., FACOS, CCOM Class of 1990

Go into medicine with a very open and clear mind and know that you will get to do this extraordinary thing and help people and take care of them.


Madison Snow, M.S., CHS-Downers Grove Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2019

Nothing is more beneficial to you or your patients than approaching situations with kindness and a willingness to learn.


Sophia Stocks, D.P.M., AZCPM Class of 2017

Wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself everyday: 'I am beautiful. I am strong. I am able.'

31 of 40 of 200 results

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