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The Cellular and Molecular Core Research Facility (C&M Core) maintains and provides access to advanced technologies for diverse needs of cell and molecular biology researchers. This shared equipment laboratory is hosted by the College of Veterinary Medicine and located in the Cactus Wren building rooms 208 and 212, on the Glendale campus.  This facility is actively funded by Midwestern University to support research, foster collaborative projects, and drive scientific innovation. The C&M Core is directed Weidang Li, M.D., Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, from the College of Veterinary Medicine. Six research staff members from College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Graduate Studies with expertise in the use of diverse technologies manage the day-to-day functioning of this core facility.

The C&M Core currently supports quantitative and qualitative cytometry, secreted product analyses, molecular analyses, and microscopic imaging. Cytometry instrumentation includes a 12-color, 96-well plate-load flow cytometer (Guava easyCyte 12-HT), a 6-color imaging flow cytometer with 20X objective (Amnis FlowSight), and a 6-color, two-channel cell sorter (Bio-Rad S3e) in BSL-2 containment (BioPROtect III Jr). Secreted product analysis instrumentation includes an ELISA-array analyzer (Luminex MAGPIX) and an automated ELISpot analyzer (BioSys Bioreader-6000 F-z-β with inverted optics). Molecular analyses instrumentation includes a multi-mode fluorescent plate reader (BioTek Cytation 3), a gel documentation system (Bio-Rad Chemidoc XRS+), a real-time PCR analyzer (Bio-Rad CXF96), and a cell metabolism analyzer (Agilent Seahorse XFe96 with BioTek Cytation 1 normalization). Microscopy instrumentation includes a 4-color fluorescent upright microscope with imaging (Nikon Ci Eclipse), and a 4-color fluorescent inverted optics all-in-one microscope (Keyence BZ-X700) with multi-mode imaging, image stitching, live-cell imaging, and thick-slice imaging capabilities. Midwestern University has demonstrated its strong dedication to research by continuously adding to the C&M Core to strategically complement our existing instrumentation and adapt to the changing needs of our research community.

For further details about these instruments, and procedures and regulations for use of this facility, please click here.


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