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Physical Therapy Doctoral Student, Class of 2022
College of Health Sciences-Downers Grove

Finding the Perfect Fit

When Jake Parish was looking to apply to graduate school, he did extensive research and turned to a trusted friend for advice. A recent graduate of Midwestern University’s Physical Therapy program, Jake’s friend spoke highly of the program, its faculty, and the facilities available on the Downers Grove Campus.

After visiting Midwestern University as part of the application process, Jake knew that Midwestern would be the right fit for him as well. “I liked the small campus feel and the fact that you are immersed with other healthcare professional students. That’s what drew me here. Also, the faculty that I met with during the interview were all excellent,” Jake said.

His appreciation for the PT faculty has only increased during his first years of study. “One thing I like about the faculty here is that they come from a wide area of expertise and have multiple specialties,” he said. “They are also very approachable and willing to spend time to go over things I may have a question about.”

Working Together

Jake has also found his fellow students to be an essential part of the educational experience at Midwestern. “Any sense of competition is gone once you get into the program. Now it’s a matter of just helping each other out along the way. We stay after lab and help each other out if needed.”

That idea of working together is part of what drew Jake to the field of Physical Therapy. “I liked the idea of working with a variety of different patients,” he said. After graduating from Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, Jake spent a year working at Lincoln Land Community College, in his hometown of Springfield IL. “Athletic training and physical therapy are similar fields, but there are some major differences. I wanted a larger knowledge base of how to treat patients and wanted the ability to work on the rehabilitation of injuries or disorders,” he added.

Helping Others

Jake also had personal reasons for pursuing a career in healthcare. “A key factor in my decision to become a Physical Therapist was the opportunity to help stroke patients. My grandmother suffered a stroke in 2016 and has since passed away. I remember what her journey was like and vowed to help other stroke survivors maintain a functional lifestyle,” he said.

And, if he’s ever asked by a friend about his experience as a physical therapy student at Midwestern, Jake would highly recommend the program saying, “This program is good for someone who likes a lot of hands-on learning and someone who likes a small campus feel. You get a lot of one-on-one time with the faculty and that’s something I’ve found to be very beneficial.”

I liked the small campus feel and the fact that you are immersed with other healthcare professional students. That’s what drew me here. ”

Jake Parish
PT Student, Class of 2022

Jake Parish, PT Student, Class of 2022.