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Ivan Edwards, D.O., AZCOM Class of '04

Ivan Edwards, D.O., AZCOM Class of '04, is currently board certified and a Fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has a particular interest in electro-diagnostics, musculoskeletal medicine, non-invasive comprehensive pain management, sports-related injuries (such as Traumatic Brain Injury), joint, muscle, and nerve pain. The focus of his practice is neurorehabilitation and pain management.

 Along with being an incredible physician, Dr. Edwards came to the USA as an immigrant from a war-torn country with nothing but a dream to succeed. Then, through hard work, faith, and resilience, he's become a renowned doctor, a senior military officer, a humanitarian, a community activist, and a public speaker. 

Dr. Edwards shared the following quote and story. 

"Seize opportunities, but don't let them seize your life and balance."

 In 2013, I took care of a patient who had cancer and who—through the course of his treatments—had developed pain, severe weakness, inability to walk and take care of himself. He shared a goal he ultimately wanted to accomplish in his treatment plan: he wanted the opportunity to walk down the aisle with his daughter (at her imminent wedding) to give her hand in marriage. 

 We worked with him in the rehabilitation hospital to achieve that goal. He was able to walk in 2 weeks. As he was being discharged from the hospital, I had time to sit with him and chat. "You made it." I said, patting his forearm. "You have been an inspiration to many. He gazed at me. I am walking because I believed it when you told me I was going to walk. "But you did the work, "I chuckled. He laughed. "We did it together." He reached over and slipped me a card ."It is a thank you card." I thanked him, shoved the card in my coat, and walked with him to the elevator. We hugged before he left with his family.

 Weeks later, I heard he had passed. He had also walked down the aisle with his daughter and gave her hand in marriage. He had achieved his goal! 

 The story didn't end there. One day, while I was doing laundry at home, I emptied my coat pocket and found the card he had given me. I ripped the envelope open, opened the card, and his hand-written message hit my heart.

 It read: "Thank you, doctor. Thank you. I can never find the words to thank you and your wonderful team. This disease has taught me more about life than anything else. My parting words to anyone would be - seize opportunities, but don't let them seize your life and balance. Take care of yourself."

 To learn more about Dr. Edwards, click here - https://drivanedwardsfaapmr.com/

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