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Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is responsible for overseeing all research under the auspices of the University involving the use of radioactive materials. The committee assists the University in establishing and implementing policies to meet state and federal standards for the use and disposal of such materials, and assuring that all faculty, students and members of the technical staff are trained in the safe use of such materials. The committee is composed of at least 7 members, the University's Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and a member of the technical staff. The committee provides training in the use of radioactive materials and oversight for laboratory procedures to assure compliance with radioactive materials licenses from either the state of Illinois or Arizona. Questions about Radiation Safety issues should be directed to the Chair.

Richard Laddaga, Ph.D. (RSO)
Chair, Radiation Safety Committee-IL (Ext. 6164)

Michael Quinlan, Ph.D. 
Co-Chair, Radiation Safety Committee-AZ (Ext. 3352)
Vijay Parashar, DDS.
Co-Chair, Radiation Safety Committee-AZ (Ext. 7092)


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