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Biosafety Committee (BSC)

Glendale Researchers planning on conducting studies involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules (rsNA):


Please be aware that a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP #46) was approved on 2/25/20 by the Glendale Biosafety Committee (BSC).  This SOP was approved to clarify the process for research involving rsNA, and to ensure that all rsNA research is reviewed by our NIH-registered Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) to determine if the study is exempt under NIH Guidelines.  All non-exempt studies require approval by the IBC prior to initiation of the project.  BSC SOP #46 is included with the Lab Safety Manual under Occupational Health and Safety for your reference, along with a new Disclosure Form.  Also, please note that the BSC has added two modules related to rsNA to the annual CITI Biosafety training.  Finally, the Glendale BSC has revised the BSL-2 SOP form to include a more comprehensive section on rsNA research (it can be found under “Forms”).  We appreciate your best efforts to comply with our new institutional processes as outlined in BSC SOP #46 and submit all proposed rsNA research studies to MWU’s Biosafety Committee (the liaison for our IBC) and to ensure you remain current on your annual CITI Biosafety training.

The Biosafety Committee (BSC) is responsible for overseeing all biosafety issues on campus that are related to the research and teaching activities of the faculty. The committee assists the university in establishing and implementing policies to meet state and federal standards for use of other biological, chemical and physical agents in the laboratory. The committee has the authority to assess hazards, determine what safeguards are needed for control, and to inspect laboratories and suspend activities that are not being conducted in a manner that is not consistent with University policies. The committee is composed of at least 7 members, one of whom is a member of the technical staff. Questions about Biosafety issues should be directed to the Chair.

Richard Laddaga, Ph.D. (BSO)
Chair, Biosafety Committee-IL (Ext. 6164)

Sepideh Sefidvash-Hockley, M.B.A. (BSO)
Chair, Biosafety Committee-AZ (Ext. 7675)

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