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*Hanover Consulting - Grantwriting Workshop, October 13th, 2021 - Training Agenda

*Dr. Weissig has published the 2nd edition of “Methods in Molecular Biology: Mitochondrial Medicine” (V. Weissig. M. Edeas, Eds.), which consists of 3 volumes:

Volume 1:;

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

The 1st edition (2 volumes, 70 chapters), produced in 2015, was very well accepted. As of July 2021, 207,000 downloads and 320 citations have been recorded for Volume I (, while there were 95,000 downloads and 188 citations for volume II (

The 2nd edition involves a total of 88 chapters with 45 of them written by new contributors who were not part of the 1st edition. The 1st and 2nd edition combined subsequently contain methods and protocols from 115 mitochondrial laboratories from around the globe and therefore will present the most comprehensive source of know-how in the wide-ranging field of Mitochondrial Medicine.


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Learn about Midwestern University's Strategic Plan for Research.

The strategic objective of Midwestern University's Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is to support University research priorities and meet research challenges in service to Midwestern University faculty, staff and students through clear communication, expertise and integrity.

The ORSP is responsible for providing research assistance to the Midwestern University community by serving as the pre- and post-award research office, which includes identifying funding sources, assisting in proposal budget preparation, reviewing and endorsing proposals, negotiating contracts and a variety of agreements, interpreting guidelines and promoting compliance with agency and University policies. We are responsible for providing all colleges with intramural funds as well as funds for Multidisciplinary Awards, One Health Awards and Cross-Campus Awards, towards the goal of extramural funding success. The ORSP disseminates monthly research eNewsletters, in addition to Quarterly and Annual Research Reports, which recognize faculty research activities and success. The ORSP coordinates and serves as a resource for our institutional research committees, such as our Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Biosafety and Radiation Safety Committees. We oversee the review process for faculty committees that make recommendations regarding intellectual property, and work with patent attorneys to assist with filing of patents and the negotiation of license agreements. Midwestern University's ORSP assists with accreditation by reviewing documents and representing research administration at all accreditation site visits. We offer statistical support for the Midwestern community by recommending appropriate statistical techniques and processes for the analysis of study data, as well as providing input on study design, data acquisition, drafting statistical text for manuscripts involving complex statistics, and assisting with power analysis to justify sample size. Finally, the ORSP serves as a significant resource for student research by funding fellowships and supporting student travel to present research at national conferences, in addition to supporting a research seminar series, a Kenneth A. Suarez Research Day on each campus, and an internal website filled with research-related information.

The ORSP is dedicated to facilitating the research and research-related programs of faculty, administration, students and staff at Midwestern University.

For Research inquiries regarding our Illinois campus, contact the ORSP at 630/515-7455.
For Research inquiries regarding our Glendale campus, contact the ORSP at 623/572-3796.

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