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 This new application is simple and intended to do nothing more then remind you, your supervisor, and anyone else that something is about to expire.  The reason we created this application is the IT department has many service contracts that have an increase in cost if you forget to renew the agreement on time.  We also heard from many others that renewing a license on time is extremely critical in the operations of their department.  We realized that most departments would benifit from an application to remind them of these renewals, so we created this tool.  With each reminder you enter in you can upload documents that might need to be reprinted each time the renewal is completed. 

We suggest that if you are not the one that needs to attend to the reminder you ask that person to enter the item into the system.  The system is designed to email the person adding the reminder along with their immediate supervisor.  If the supervisor enters in all the reminders they will be emailed along with their supervisor.  This is a new system so we will add answers to questions as they come up on this page, please check back for answers and ideas.  Please review the below screen shots before getting started (link to start is at the end).

Reminder List:

When you start the application you will always be presented with a list of the reminders you have in the system.  A description of how to navigate this screen is below.


Adding a new reminder: 

When adding a new reminder you will only be able to select yourself or anyone that reports to you as the "Responsible Person".  The below image describes each part of the screen, all feilds are required except the "Comments" and "Additional People" field.

The first time you access this application you will not have any reminders displayed, use the "Add Reminder" button to add your first reminder.

The "Reminders" link can be found on the left column of our online system after you login.  (

Click here to get started using reminders!!!

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