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When a new item has been entered for you, you will receive an email notification instructing you to wait until the item has been delivered to you before marking the item as received.  Existing/old items that were migrated into the system will not generate an email notification.

You can view your items from the My Info > My Keys/Devices link:

If you mark an item as "I DO NOT Approve", you will need to enter information to explain why and upon saving the entry, an email will be sent to the applicable service department.

The service department can then make the necessary corrections which will generate an email notification to you as well as reset the record for you to once again approve/deny.

If the information about your item(s) is correct, you can mark it as received after you have received the item.

After clicking the "Save" button, any records that have been marked as received will direct you to sign an electronic Authorization Form for each individual item.  You can sign each Agreement by clicking on the link to it, completing the form and submitting it.  You will be directed back to this page and unable to go elsewhere on the site until any/all pending agreements have been signed.

Each Agreement Form is unique to the item type.  Below is an example of the Key Authorization Form.

If you have any questions or experience any technical issues relating to this new content, please contact the IT Help Desk directly at x7361 or x3388.


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