Policies & Procedures

A Useful Introduction to Common MWU Procedures and Policies

Listed below are the MWU Human Resources policies and procedures. New employees will find these policies a useful introduction and should become familiar with them. Long-standing employees will find them a handy reference for answering many questions.

These policies are not to be construed as a contract or an assurance of continued employment. MWU may change, revise, delete or add policies at any time without notice. Accordingly, all employees should refer to the policies periodically for the most current information.

If you have questions regarding any of the policies, please contact the Human Resources department on either campus.

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A ADA Policy
Additional Flex Time
Adoption Assistance
Affirmative Action - AZ
Affirmative Action - IL
Auditing Credentials of Faculty
B Bereavement
C Call Back Pay
Childcare Subsidy Childcare Reimbursement Procedure
Code of Conduct
Compressed Work Week
Computer Usage
Conflict of Interest
Consulting Time
Domestic Partner
Dress Code
Drug-Free Workplace
E Employee Records
Employment of Relatives
F Flex Time
Fraud Hotline
G Garnishments
Guidelines on Social Media
H Health Information Privacy Practices
Hiring Policy
I Immigration Expense Reimbursement
Ineligible Dependents
Interview Travel
J Jury Duty
K Keys Distribution
Keys Procedure
L Lunch Breaks
M Military Leave
N Name Change
O Overtime
P Parental Leave
Password Security
Personal Days
Personal Hand Held Organizer
Personal Leave
Post-employment Testing
Pre-employment Testing
Preferred Name
Progressive Discipline
President's Holiday and Early Release
R Reduced Contract
Rehire Policy
S School Visitation
Service Award
Shift Differential
T Time Keeping Grid
Tuition Reimbursement Guidelines Tuition Reimbursement Procedure
Tuition Relief
U USERRA (Your rights under The Uniformed
Services Employment and Reemployment
V Vacation
Volunteer Time Off
W Work from Home
Work Place Violence


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