Criminal Background Check Form:

Compliance Requirements and Audit Process for Pregnant Students Taking Gross Anatomy Courses:

Drug Testing Consent and Release of Information Form:

If a site is requesting drug testing and/or a copy of the report of a completed drug test, the consent and release of information form below is to be completed by the student and maintained in their file.  This form is campus specific.

Online Course Email Template:

Use the following email template when initiating a FOUNDRY/CANVAS Course.  The areas on the form in blue need to be completed and returned to the Compliance Coordinator.

Immunization Information: 

The following is an example copy of a student immunization letter.  

MWU Standard Affiliation Agreement Requirements:

The following is a document to help you determine if site requirements in a non-standard affiliation agreement are "special requirements".  This includes the standard background check information. If an agreement includes "special requirements", the College needs to inform the COEE paralegals if the College is agreeable or not agreeable to completing the requirements.

Student Travel Release and Waiver Form:

This form is used when a student is carpooling with a preceptor.

Request for New or Updated CARS ID Information Forms:

If a CARS ID for a Preceptor/Site or Resident needs to be created or modified, please complete the CARS ID Form.  Include all of the information you have regarding the Preceptor/Site or Resident in the form.  Once it is completed, attach the form to an email and send it to the Centralized Office of Experiential Education (COEE) at

Lease Agreements for University Subsidized Housing:

The Paperwork Flow Process for Property Lease Agreements describes the review and approval process for new and renewal property lease agreements. The Subsidized Student Housing Lease Agreement Review Form should be completed and submitted to COEE; along with the proposed property lease agreement and all requested documentation for review and approval.


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