CHS Scholarship

CHS Vision of Scholarship

The College of Health Sciences at Midwestern University encourages the pursuit of all categories of scholarship and is committed to providing the resources, consistent with University policy, to support college faculty in his/her scholarly activity.  The pursuit of scholarship is consistent with the mission and strategic objectives of the College, it supports academic excellence and the teaching and learning process, it fosters/advances innovation, and is important for the continuing quality of academic programming and student training.

The College expects all faculty members to engage in scholarship as a responsibility of their faculty appointment.  The College supports Boyer's¹ definition of scholarship and offers Boyer's paradigm for the different categories of scholarship: Scholarship of Discovery: aimed at developing new knowledge; Scholarship of Integration: involves the review of knowledge and creative synthesis; Scholarship of Application: uses knowledge in solving problems; and Scholarship of Teaching: involves critical analysis of knowledge about. teaching

The evidence of scholarship must be a peer-reviewed product that is disseminated outside of the University.
Please see the CHS subsection of the Faculty Handbook for additional information. 
¹ Boyer, E. L. (1990). Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the professoriate. Princeton, NJ: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

MWU Resources:

We are here to serve you!  The Dean's Office can help you make connections with other MWU faculty members and can provide you with direction if you are having trouble determining where to start. Contact the CHS Dean's Office in Arizona at ext. 3600 or in Illinois at ext. 6388.   

***Spotlight on: Faculty Scholarship***

ORSP Faculty Research Interests:  Arizona or Illinois

Research Facilitation Program (CHS)
Application deadline: June 1 
Click HERE for the Research Facilitation Grant application form.
Click HERE for the Annual Report form.
Click HERE to view Dr. Buck Jones' presentation about the RFG process (presented on 4/3/14). 

Geriatric Research and Education Facilitation Grant Program ***For Downers Grove Faculty ONLY***
Application deadline: June 1 
Click HERE for the Geriatric Research and Education Facilition Grant application form.
Click HERE for the Annual Report form.

GREFG Evaluation Form
GREFG Readings of Interest

Institutional Review Board

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs  
Staff available to assist you with your research can be found HERE
Click HERE for a list of the major responsibilities of ORSP.
Click HERE for the Recaptured Salary policy and other research-related policies.

ORSP Research Day
Midwestern University holds an annual Student Research Day on both campuses to highlight the research accomplishments of Midwestern University faculty and students. This forum provides an opportunity for faculty in all Colleges to present poster presentations of their research projects completed on and off campus.  It also affords a venue for students and faculty to discuss their areas of research interest and form collaborations.  To read about the research projects presented at previous events, click HERE.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Journal Club

Faculty from all MWU colleges meet quarterly to discuss educational literature significant to teaching and learning.  Some objectives include:

  • Facilitating innovations in teaching and learning for new and existing faculty
  • Promoting educational research to enhance student success
  • Sharing and learning together to improve health professions education

For the AZ club, contact (TBD) for more information. 
For the IL club, contact Deborah Anderson at 630-515-7281 or for more information.

Don't forget to ask your fellow CHS faculty for help!  For example, members of the AZ CHS Research Facilitation Grant Committee and IL RFGC are here to help you! 

Outside Resources:

NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT)
NIH Grants and Funding Opportunities
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Call for Papers
Lilly Conferences
For over 30 years years, the Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning have been known as exceptional places to present and to learn from faculty colleagues on effective teaching and learning. This interdisciplinary teaching conference includes faculty, administrators, and graduate students from across the United States and abroad. Participants are given the opportunity to exchange ideas, build a repertoire of skills that can be put to immediate use, and to network with colleagues. The overall conference theme for the Lilly Conference series is "Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning." Each of the Lilly Conferences are unique, but they all share the same great Lilly community spirit.


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