Emergency Services - AZ

What To Do in a Crisis

If you are in danger or thinking of hurting yourself or someone else, Midwestern University  provides counselors to meet with students experiencing a crisis on the same day.  If it is during regular business hours and the counselors are unavailable, please contact the Office of Student Services at 623-572-3210.  

For immediate assistance or if it's outside of business hours, to get in touch with a licensed clinician, try EMPACT or In the Moment Counseling.   The clinician will be able to assist you with your present concern as well as connect you with a provider in your area if further assistance is needed. It’s a confidential and free service for students.

  • Academic Live Care: https://midwestern.myahpcare.com/telehealth to register. Service Key: ALC. When making appointments, a price will be listed, enter the Coupon Code ALCMWUAZ 
    • Telemedicine for:
        • Psychiatry
        • Counseling
        • Urgent Care
        • Nutrition
        • Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
        • Financial Wellness
        • Student Assistance Resources
    • For Technical Support, call (866)882-0343
  • 24/7 In the Moment Counseling – Live phone counseling when you need to speak to someone immediately 855-850-4301 or text “hello” to 61295

National 24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Crisis line is confidential and open to anyone who needs help.  Call the National Suicide Prevention Services Lifeline at 988 or Hopeline Suicide Hotline at (800)-SUICIDE.

EMPACT Suicide Prevention Center

24 hours/7 days (480)-736-4952, a telephonic or mobile intervention. Face-to-face services are provided by the EMPACT Mobile Crisis Intervention Team if immediate assistance is deemed necessary.

After-Hours Emergency

If you are in danger or thinking of hurting yourself or someone else after-hours, university holidays, weekends, or times when the Center is closed:

Call 911 for immediate emergency service
If you live on campus, please notify Campus Safety and Security (623-572-3201) you called 911 and provide your location so they can direct the emergency medical team to you.

Take yourself to the nearest emergency room
If you live on or near campus the nearest hospital emergency room is:

Abraso Arrowhead Hospital
18701 N. 67th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85308

Another hospital not too far away is:
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
5555 W. Thunderbird Rd
Glendale, AZ 85306

Text HOME to 741741
This free, 24/7 crisis support service connects individuals to a trained crisis volunteer.  See  https://www.crisistextline.orgfor more information

Get Help Now or Help a Friend
Visit ULifeline to find out more.  Your online resource for college mental health.


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