Speech Language Pathology - Glendale

Cost of Attendance Budget 2023-2024

The information below is provided to assist students in estimating their monthly budget while considering available financial resources for the academic year (e.g., earnings, financial aid, family assistance). Tuition and fees are billed directly to a student’s account by the University. Budget items are estimated costs based on average monthly living expenses multiplied by the number of months in the program’s academic year. These costs may vary for each student, consequently, each student should determine anticipated expenses while in school. Please note, student loans are not available during periods on non-attendance (i.e., summer quarter, leave of absence), however, the Federal Work-Study program may be an option to those that qualify.

Speech Language Pathology - Glendale
Academic Year 1st Year 2nd Year
*Tuition and Fees:    
Tuition $46,832 $46,832
Student Services Fee 740 740
Disability Insurance Fee 45 45
Total Tuition and Fees: $47,617 $47,617
*Tuition is expected to increase between 3% to 4%

Speech Language Pathology - Glendale
Academic Year 1st Year 2nd Year
  9-Month Budget 12-Month Budget
Budget Items/ Estimated Costs:    
Books, course materials, supplies and equipment1 $2,712 $852
Personal Expenses  
on-campus/off-campus/with parent 2,970 3,960
thrifty 1,467 1,956
Health Insurance 3,844 4,164
on-campus 9,900 13,200
off-campus 15,525 20,700
with parent 6,300 8,400
thrifty 5,760 7,680
on-campus/ off-campus 4,500 6,000
with parent 2,025 2,700
thrifty 2,664 3,552
on-campus/ thrifty 1,278 5,568
off-campus/ with parent 3,573 6,712
Transportation2 1,620 2,160
Average Loan Origination Fees 2,746 3,120
Total Budget Items/ Estimated Costs:     
on-campus $29,570 $39,024
off-campus $37,490 $47,668
with parent $25,790 $32,068
thrifty $22,091 $29,052
1Includes Calipso & Simucase
2Expenses include auto insurance and registration


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