Admissions Staff

Admissions Staff in Downers Grove

Ryan O'Mealey, Director of Admissions, 630/515-7200

Kerry Mortenson, Associate Director of Admissions, 630/515-7200

Jillian Galich, Sr. Admissions Counselor, 630/515-7200

Nicole Liddle, Sr. Admissions Counselor, 630/515-7200

Donna Martin, Sr. Admissions Counselor, 630/515-7200

Amy Schomer, Admissions Counselor, 630/515-7200 

Danielle Tutich, Admissions Counselor, 630/515-7200

Abbey Walters, Sr. Admissions Counselor, 630/515-7200

Support Staff

Jacqueline Bane, Administrative Assistant

Brittany Cufaude, Admissions Advisor

Stephanie Gable, Senior Administrative Assistant

Sotiria (Susan) Skoufis, Administrative Assistant

Danielle Wisbrock, Records Coordinator

Admissions Staff in Glendale

James Walter, Director of Admissions, 623/572-3340

Tracey Ramirez, Associate Director of Admissions, 623/572-3470

Lori Cruz, Admissions Counselor

Jessica Dao, Admissions Counselor

Rebekah Godsil, Sr. Admissions Counselor, 623/572-3268

Bery Khorany, Admissions Counselor

Michael Matousek, Sr. Admissions Counselor, 623/572-3439

Elizabeth Miller, Admissions Counselor, 623/572-3390

Michael Pralle, Admissions Counselor, 623/572-3363

Support Staff

Rosa Merino, Sr. Administrative Assistant

Alexis Myers, Administrative Assistant

Nathan Waymire, Administrative Assistant

Bea White, Records Coordinator 

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Office of Admissions
Midwestern University
555 31st Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515

630/515-6171 phone
800/458-6253 toll-free
630/971-6086 fax

Office of Admissions
Midwestern University
19555 North 59th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308

623/572-3275 phone
888/247-9277 toll-free 
623/572-3229 fax


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