Department of Maternal and Child Health

The Department of Maternal and Child Health participates in the students' medical education during all four years at AZCOM through didactic lectures as well as hands-on skills workshops.

In the first year, the OB/GYN faculty assist the Department of Anatomy in pelvic anatomy and presentations and lectures. In the second year, the department faculty participate, lecture and assist the ICM courses on multiple aspects of women's health care. The department also offers an elective course for second year students who are interested in learning more about obstetrics and gynecology and is responsible for the required core clinical rotation in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the third year. A required pre-rotation component features intensive small groups where students participate in hands-on, skill-based workshops involving case presentation and simulation. The skills development workshop consists of a simulation delivery with an interactive birthing simulator that mimics a true labor and delivery experience, followed by a hands-on vaginal delivery with a birthing model, and concluding with a review of suturing skills.

The pediatric faculty teach, lecture and participate in workshops for Introduction to Clinical Medicine as well as Patient Care Experiences. The department manages all third and fourth year pediatric rotations. Third year rotations consist of office-based, hospitalist-based, and residency-based rotation opportunities. There are also rural pediatric office rotations within and outside of the state of Arizona for interested students. Fourth year rotations provide opportunities for electives in pediatric subspecialties such as Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Cardiology, and Neonatology in the Intensive Care Unit.


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