Student Senate Launches Professionalism Week

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January 17, 2020 | Downers Grove, IL

Robin Schneider (CCOM 2022), Speaker of the Midwestern University Senate, greets Laura Licari, Pharm.D. (CCP 2006), Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences at Roosevelt University.

Midwestern University’s Student Senate recently hosted a Professionalism Week on the Downers Grove Campus. The week included panel discussions, guest speakers, and other activities designed to provide students in all programs with the tools they need to succeed in a professional healthcare environment.

The Senate invited alums and other healthcare professionals to campus to speak about their experiences and provide insights. Chicago College of Pharmacy alum, Laura Licari, Pharm.D. (CCP 2006), Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences at Roosevelt University and the immediate past president of the Illinois Pharmacist Association, met with Midwestern students for a “Professionalism 101” talk. She covered areas such as professional communication, attire, and workplace etiquette.

“Many people look at the definition of professionalism as having characteristics of integrity, respect, and poise and the question becomes how does one personify those traits in an individual manner,” Dr. Licari said. “I appreciate that the students are interested in professionalism and want to learn more about it. It’s part of the nature of their academic programs that they need to gain a great deal of knowledge in a short amount of time, which can be stressful. When you are dealing with stress and cognitive fatigue it’s easy to forget about professionalism, but it’s what people, employers, and colleagues see first,” she added.

During Professionalism Week, students also learned about crafting an effective resume, signed up for professional headshots, and participated in a clothing drive for the Poised for Success charity.