Online Precision Medicine Programs Prepare Students for Genetic and Genomic Applications in Healthcare

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February 25, 2022 | Midwestern University

Student sitting at computer examining gene data

Midwestern University’s Master of Science and Post-Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine Programs provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the latest genetic and genomic technology in their selected healthcare professions, enabling them to identify the safest and most effective treatments for individual patients. Students complete the Precision Medicine coursework online, with curriculum coordinated with their doctoral degree programs, and learn the basics of genetics and genomics before studying a wide range of genetic and chromosomal disorders.

“My goal as a future healthcare provider is to provide the best care possible for my patients, and I believe that includes a foundation in precision medicine,” says Kelsey Cozzolino, who is a student at Midwestern University’s College of Pharmacy, Glendale and is also completing the Post-Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine. “Every patient's journey is distinct and so, to provide the best care possible, I need the tools to offer care that is as unique as they are.”

The Precision Medicine curriculum addresses the genetic and environmental contributions to complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and autism, while  covering the application of precision medicine concepts to cancer as well as to autoimmune and neurological diseases. Special emphasis is placed on learning pharmacogenomics principles to enable choice of the most effective drug treatments based on a patient’s genetic background. The influence of a patient’s genetics in response to infectious diseases is covered, along with assessment of the human microbiome in both healthy and disease states. In the bioinformatics course, students learn how to take advantage of the vast information produced by medical research studies and contained in extensive genetic databases.

While the Post-Graduate Certificate and  Master of Science in Precision Medicine are currently dual-program opportunities available to Midwestern doctoral program students, they may also become available in the future as stand-alone educational opportunities for practicing healthcare professionals.

Students interested in completing a Precision Medicine program along with a doctoral health professions degree can visit to learn more, or contact our Admissions team at 623-537-3215 or